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Why Choose Organic?

organic cotton percale bedding

The search for "organic" has grown over the last couple of years, but what does it actually mean? 

We're going to be looking at what organic bedding is, how to prove it, and why this means you should choose organic when you can. 

What does organic bedding mean?

Organic is all about the way in which a product is handled from start to finish. It means that no harmful chemicals, such as pesticides, GMOS's, and fertilizers,  have been used when growing and farming the cotton for our bedding. 

Similarly, no colourants or dyes that could be harmful to humans have been used either. 

organic cotton       

So what's the difference between conventional cotton and organic cotton?

We care about what we put inside us, so it would make sense to care about what we put on the outside, including the sheets that we sleep in ... The use of harmful chemicals in conventional cotton farming has been traced in the clothing that we see on shop rails, which is why, when we know that our skin is capable of absorbing nearly everything, we should choose organic. Organic cotton is free from these harmful chemicals and dyes, making it kind to your skin and safe to sleep in. 

The quality of organic cotton is also much higher than conventional  cotton, and the fibres are often longer which makes them even softer! 

Unlike conventional cotton that extracts water from the land and can cause long lasting effects on the environment, organic cotton is farmed in areas with regular rainfall, relying on a natural water cycle. As a result of this, organic cotton uses over 90% less water than conventional cotton, and helps to sustain the environment around it. 

Soil needs nitrogen to provide nutrients for a crop to grow. Conventional cotton relies on an artificial nitrogen fertilizer, which over time damages the soil fertility for future growth. At the opposite end of this, organic cotton relies on a natural crop rotation cycle which naturally feeds nitrogen back into the soil, without the need for harmful fertilizers. This rotation of crops gains nitrogen from the residue of each crop, such as vegetables one year and cotton the next. 

Overall a more natural, healthy and sustainable cotton is farmed, which is safer for people and the planet to grow. 

How can you prove that bedding is organic?

Our bedding is GOTS certified, which stands for The Global Organic Textile Standard. It is a universal certification, monitored by a third party to ensure that "organic" textiles are regulated properly. Everywhere in every country has to follow their rules in order to be certified, there are no exemptions. 

These requirements include both a social and ecological criteria such as: the prohibited use of chemicals that are environmentally damaging and harmful to humans, and a close monitoring of workers to ensure an ethical working environment that is free from child labour. Explore further these standard requirements >

Our entire bedding range is labelled and coded with the GOTS. This is proof of our certification and enables our bedding to be easily identified as organic. You can trace the code here >

All of our bedding is also STANDARD 100 OEKO-TEX certified. This means that not only our cotton, but even our bed threads, buttons, and cotton dyes are completely free from chemicals that are harmful to humans - they've all been tested and approved! This label is also on all of our bedding with a code that can easily be looked up and traced. Take a look and enter your code now >


Overall, why should I choose organic?

Organic cotton is usually a little more in price, but it is often longer lasting than conventional cotton. We see our organic bedding range as a considered purchase that you will only need to make a couple of times in your life. 

Whilst the quality of organic cotton is better, it should also be chosen for its social and environmental impact, which is significantly less than conventional cotton. You choose to shop with thought, thinking about how your cotton has been produced and by who. It also gives you peace of mind in terms of nothing harmful touching your skin or entering the environment. 

There is no hiding the facts with our bedding due to the GOTS and STANDARD 100 OEKO-TEX certifications, and their own traceable codes. You can literally look it up! 


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