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Styling Your Console Table


Everybody loves a well-designed hallway entrance. As it's the first room of the house, we're showing you how to set the scene for the rest of your home. We've created the perfect space to welcome your family and guests into by creating a more contemporary home interior.

Sideboards and console tables are the ideal furniture piece for your hallway. Even with a little or narrow spaced hallway, console tables come in all shapes and sizes to fit your home in a way that works for you.

We've used a white wooden table featuring brass knobs, making the space look refreshing, whilst also maintaining a contemporary home interior. When using more muted colours with furniture, you have more freedom to focus on home accessories, allowing you to bring the whole look together. We've used black to contrast beautifully with the hallway table. It's useful to remember however, that when using too much of one colour, it can overpower the entire look. By using it here and there in places, the colour ties the whole look into one.

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Displaying flowers in your home can get repetitive when using the same ceramic jug and glass vase. When styling your floral arrangement in a more unique way, your hallway and living area can instantly look more striking. Selecting big bouquets is not always the most effective way of adding greenery to your home, sometimes a more simplistic approach to your home accessories is the way forward.

Our industrial single test tube vase is the perfect accessory for a contemporary and minimalist interior look. With our realistic looking faux eucalyptus stem placed inside, artificial floristry is perfect for those that have a busy schedule with little time for pruning. Not only will you maintain the look of your floral arrangement, but you can swap and replace them around your home over time.

Having taller ornaments and vases at either end of your console table will frame the entire look, bringing focus to the centre where your picture frames and family photos will be arranged. As your entrance is the first room of the house, this design makes your home feel family orientated and creates a more personal touch to your interiors.

test tube vase

The framed-style stem vase compliments and pairs beautifully with our matt black fine frames. Both home accessories have a simplistic design, making them versatile and easy to style within all homes. Using interior accessories that resemble the same shapes and colours is the easiest way to achieve a well-designed look.

Using different sized photo frames is key when creating a display of pictures on the wall. Our smallest 4x6" frame is perfect for all hallway sizes and looks great when styled in a trio. The 5x7" photo frame and 6x8" photo frame, along with our largest 8x10" photo frame help to achieve this particular look. Different sized frames makes for a more unique way to style your pictures on the wall into an eclectic look. When styling your frames like this, they make your picture and photo frames look more personal - perfect for a family home.

When styling your hallway table, use different textures to make your space look eye catching. This glass and metal vase makes for a unique homeware piece with its bronze detailing complimenting the bronze and brass colours of the drawer knobs. Attention to detail is key when selecting your home accessories to work well together.


You don't always have to have flowers to bring greenery into your home. Small potted plants like our faux boxwood urns and other on-trend plants can be just as effective. The small and contained faux plant keeps the space looking neat and tidy. With artificial plants, you don't have to worry about the mess or leaves getting everywhere.

Styling plants into a trio or twosome looks very aesthetic and brings attention to your space. Try to use plants of different heights and sizes with the largest styled at the back and the smallest displayed at the front. By doing this, the eye focus' towards the centre of your table, bringing attention to your family picture frames.


A home wouldn't be a home without wool throws and sofa blankets. Our black and beige woven wool throw matches beautifully with the frames and test tube vase. The fine lined pattern crosses diagonally to create a more contemporary look, whilst also keeping it traditional with its classic fringed edge.

The perfect way to store UK woven wool throws is in a traditional wicker and rattan basket. This way , you can style one hanging over the basket, with others filled up inside. Our baskets are great for storage solutions and ideas. Many come in different sizes, making it easier for you to pick the size that works well for your home.

This rectangular wicker storage basket is designed with handles, making it easier for you to lift and carry or pull in and out of a shelf. Styling two storage baskets side by side completes this look, making it symmetrical and picture perfect. Baskets are a great home accessory to use as they fill up spaces and gaps such as underneath this hallway table, making a more complete look. For shoe storage ideas, baskets are often handy to throw your day to day shoes in, keeping them concealed and off the floor whilst also at hand when leaving the house.

The basic and key idea to styling your console table is to keep the space looking neat but not empty. To do this, an ornament on either end of the table is best, whilst keeping your picture frames on the wall. Baskets and storage is always helpful in achieving this tidy look.