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Style Guide To Summer Outdoor Living


Summer Outdoor Living Style Guide

With the warmer weather bringing family and friends together in the garden, we've decided to show you the perfect way to style your garden ready for entertainment and outdoor living. We've created the perfect summer living collection this year with our new products, making your outdoor space look homelier and ready for dinner guests.

Summer Outdoor Living Style Guide

Mustard wool throwSummer Outdoor Living

Our gold herringbone wool throw is perfect for bringing summertime colours to the table. We've styled our outdoor blanket on the back of a chair, making it easier for your guests and family to have at hand during a summer evening.

To create a truly cosy and more relaxed look, style your outdoor living space with different coloured and patterned throws. To ensure the whole look flows, your blankets should compliment the tableware with hints of an accent colour. We've decided to style our space focusing on blue tableware, matching the navy and white check wool throw. We've then used the accent colour of gold to add a pop of colour. Not only does an accent colour brighten up the table, but it keeps your tableware from looking bland and repetitive.


Our four person wicker picnic hamper set is the perfect picnic basket for outdoor entertaining. With a full set of tableware inside including glass tumblers, this is ideal for days out or weekends away in a country cottage. We've styled our basket with a classic check outdoor blanket. Choose yours from our collection of outdoor picnic rugs and blankets.

Cutlery can also be a way of bringing colour and pattern to the table. With outdoor dining you can choose dinnerware that moves away from your standard silver knife and fork. Our blue leaf cutlery set comes in a complete set of four, including a porcelain knife, fork, tea spoon and table spoon.

Summer Outdoor Living

We've also created a contemporary outdoor living look for a home with a smaller garden space. This is the perfect set up for a house with no garden or an apartment with a spacious balcony. You can easily add greenery with our outdoor planters and plant pots to make your space more private and feel like your own secret garden.

Etched Glass Decanternull

Dining ware and serve ware are key to making smaller spaces look effective. Choose eye catching pieces such as our glass drinks decanter and set of two glass tumblers with their etched glass design. We've styled our drinks set with a table for two, making it perfect for summer entertaining and zesty cocktail drinking with a friend.


To complete this contemporary look we've used white ceramic serving ware and serving trays, making your dips and nibbles colourfully stand out and looking all the better to eat! Our white ceramic salsa bowl and hummus bowl are the perfect condiment pieces for outdoor eating with their debossed 'salsa' and 'hummus' design.

Bruschetta is a classic summer snack. Our white ceramic brushcetta tray is therefore ideal to place in the middle of the table for your guests to nibble on during a summer evening.

Outdoor planter in wicker

Small garden spaces with little or no grass can be challenging when wanting to make your outdoor space look like a garden blooming with flowers and greenery. That's why we've styled this space with our natural rattan planters. These set of three planters come in three various sizes, making them ideal to style in a trio to create different plant heights. We've placed a large bamboo plant in our large planter and smaller leaf plants in the others to create a shrubbery effect. By doing this, you can make your outdoor area more private whilst also keeping it a nice space to sit in and enjoy your garden.

nullGarden wall storage

Our Kubu window box planter is the perfect size for creating your own makeshift flower bed when you don't have the space. With a plastic lining inside to fill with soil, you can add pretty petalled flowers to your garden and style wherever you like.

To make the most of an outdoor space, not everything has to go on the floor. For storage solutions and ideas, we've placed our zinc wall shelf unit on the garden fence. This is perfect for the garden and potting shed fanatics who need a place to store pots and tools for their garden.