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Outdoor Rattan Planters for Summer

When discussing how to expand our range of rattan planters we decided to go big. Our beautiful new rattan planters are made from the same type of rattan as our baskets and planters, so if you're familiar with the rest of our rattanware then you'll love these new planters just as much, if not, more.

Our favourite part about our new design is the zinc insert. Not only does it make each planter heavier and sturdier, but it's a step towards our planters using less plastic and waste. The handles at either side of the planter are also a new feature that comes in handy when moving the planter around the garden, especially when they're full of soil!

What plants would fit in these planters? We asked ourselves the same question and came to the conclusion that a simple topiary ball and a large bundle of lavender are understated, timeless, and the right kind of plant for such a big planter. We actually struggled to find a topiary ball big enough! 

Another addition to our rattanware are our rectangular zinc lined planters. They're the same quality as our extra large ones above, only that they're designed for smaller and medium sized plants instead. 

After weeks of discussing and designing, we have patiently waited for them to arrive. Now, we can't wait for them to be in the homes and gardens of those that love the natural look and thickness of rattan as much as we do.