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New Rattan Planter Designs

Our gardens are often a place of rest, where we can switch off from the rest of the world and simply relax; whilst providing a place to host and enjoy the company of family and friends, within the comforts of our own homes. 

With this in mind, we've welcomed two new and large rattan planter designs for our SS24 collection, allowing you to surround your patio and sitting areas with larger and denser plants, creating private and host-worthy spaces. 

Two New Designs

Handwoven into statement piece sizes, the new planters are equally as beautiful, with small design adjustments to suit different style preferences. For those that love a basket style planter, we've designed one with handles; and for those looking for a contemporary twist on the rattan planters, we've designed one with a curved base


There are two sizes in the handled design, with plenty of space for large topiary bushes and flowering plants, such as Hydrangeas and Viburnum. 

The curved design has three sizes to choose from. The small version is particularly suited to small trees, such as an Olive or a Bay.


For Patio Areas

With so much space to plant up and grow, these new outdoor planters can make your sitting area feel cosier, and more private, without having to make any structural changes. 


 By using the various sizes to create different heights and plant layers, patio areas become more of a focus point for your entertaining, and almost feel like a room without any walls. Choosing the larger size is best if you want to achieve this - we've designed it to be tall enough for privacy, without dominating the rest of your garden furniture and patio space. 


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