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New Marbury Rattan Collection

We were thrilled to introduce a brand new rattan collection this month, consisting of over 25 items! With so much excitement for its arrival, we wanted to share an insight to the big delivery day, and a brief introduction to the new designs.

Marbury rattan collection arriving into our warehouse   unwrapping the new Marbury rattan collection 

In less than a day, we unloaded an entire shipping container and stocked our shelves with this beautiful rattan. The container really was full, top to bottom, so it was all hands on deck to get everything in place. With the last box unloaded, we were finally able to unwrap the paper and take a look at our new collection. It was as if we were Charlie Bucket peeling back the chocolate wrapper to discover the golden ticket inside! We couldn't be more pleased with the quality and beauty of each piece, and knew in that instant, that our customers would feel the same way when they come to unbox their orders. 

As we received a large shipment, we made sure to prioritize sustainability by using only brown boxes and paper for the packaging. Rattan itself is a sustainable material, so it was important to us to reflect this in our packaging choices. 

What's The Difference? 

The Marbury is a beautiful washed rattan. Still hand woven like our other baskets, but with a much finer and tighter weave, each piece is built for longevity without compromising on elegant and timeless style. 

a selection of the marbury rattan

Our range covers most purposeful designs, including storage for your umbrellas, and waste paper bins for your office. Whether you're looking for smaller items like tissue box covers or larger items like storage baskets, the Marbury rattan is endless in options to find something for your home. 

These are our current favourites ...

 marbury rattan magazine basket   marbury rattan decorative tray

Marbury Rattan Magazine Basket                   Marbury Rattan Decorative Tray

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But Why 'Marbury'?  

When we put together this collection, we thought it deserved its own name. We wanted something that would be meaningful to us, and so, we decided to name it  'Marbury'. A small village, located in the Cheshire countryside, Marbury is one of our favourite places to visit with the family when seeking fresh air, and of course, a good country pub. 

      the swan pub at marbury cheshire  lambs in the filed at Marbury in cheshire

A cluster of quaint cottages surround The Swan ; a focal point for the village, serving comforting food and a cosy atmosphere. The perfect spot after a walk along the canal, or a stroll up to the Church, where you can view the lake of Big Mere.

One of our favourite times to visit is Spring, when the weather is a little sunnier for walking, and the lambs are grazing in the field. There's a couple of circular routes to take, so if you don't mind a few hours and miles in the countryside, this is a good spot for a walk with a pub at the end. 


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Everything in our new collection is now available to purchase, so you can start to add individual pieces to your home, and really transform each space.

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