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New Faux Autumn Arrangements

Finding faux stems for a particular season can be tricky, especially for autumn. There's always more of a rustic element to an Autumn bouquet, and it's very easy to slip into a Miss Havisham-esque if you're not careful with your selection.

Whilst our new faux arrangements nod to the Autumn season, we've designed each one to be used throughout the year. Faux Arrangements are an investment, so we didn't want to create ones that are only going to be seen for a brief amount of time. 

faux seeded pod stem


Faux Green Arrangement

By pairing green foliage with more earthy stems, the transition of Summer into Autumn has been carefully mirrored in this bouquet. The Green Eucalyptus and foliage easily translates into other seasons, allowing you to re-use them and re-style them when Autumn ends. 

 faux green berry and eucalyptus arrangement

 The beautiful contrast between the softer shades of green and the richness of the Berries really enhances the fresh side of the bouquet, whilst the brown colours of the branches and the seeded pods adds an earthiness to the overall look. 

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Faux Blush Eucalyptus Arrangement 

At this time of the year, so many new colours are introduced into the landscape around us. The leaves on the trees start to brown; not a definite brown, but a mixture of golden reds and burnt oranges, even hints of mauve and blush hues start to appear. 

 faux blush eucalyptus autumn bouquet

 An easy way to capture this very typically-Autumn scene is through our Faux Blush Eucalyptus Stems. With hints of soft blush-red, our eucalyptus perfectly echoes the brief moment in Autumn, when the leaves appear before us a swathe of rich and rosy colours. 

We've based our Blush Eucalyptus Arrangement on this very moment, freezing it in time, if you'd like. The Brown Seeded Pods particularly enhance the Autumn feel of this bouquet, and allows the eucalyptus to fall into a more rustic look. Equally, once removed, the Blush Eucalyptus is completely transformed into a less rustic display; revealing an elegant arrangement that can be used as an every day bouquet. 

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