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How To Organise Your Pantry Cupboards

Designing the inside of your pantry cupboard is just as important as how you want the outside to look. 

Your space is unique to you, and not everything will work with your layout, so decide on what products you use more than others, and choose a storage solution that makes it easy to access these products as soon as you open your kitchen cupboards.

Let's take a look at how our pantry storage products can be used for different requirements. 

For Dry Foods 

Glass jars are not just an aesthetic way to display food, they're actually really practical! The clear glass allows you to instantly see what you need, and you can also stick labels onto the glass for further information. For example, you might have different types of nuts, seeds, rice and baking products that need individually labelling. 

 acacia and glass food storage jars    glass kitchen storage jars

Our Acacia Glass Jars are perfect for storing dry food. Each lid has an airtight rubber seal to ensure your food lasts longer in your kitchen cupboards.

A firm favourite of ours, you can mix and match the different sizes, or stick to just the one if you prefer a more uniformed look. 


For Breakfast Station Essentials 

Not everyone is a morning person, but for those that like to spend time creating an artisan coffee or just a good cup of tea, a designated breakfast cupboard with all of your essentials is a good idea. Our smaller baskets are perfect for storing sugar sachets, tea boxes, and almost anything you need to make a morning drink. 

coffee station cupboard

One of our customers on Instagram, @casacocointhecotswolds, turned a regular cabinet into the most beautiful coffee station.

Choosing from our wide range of rattan storage baskets, Laura went with our multi purpose to help organise this space. 


For Space-consuming Items 

Larger items such as cereal boxes can really make your cupboards feel unorganised and messy, especially when there's multiple ones to choose from. The best solution is to keep them all in a basket. This way, you only need to pull out the one basket to see all the different cereal options in one place. No more fighting your way to the back of the cupboard! 

Crisp packets and snacks are also guilty of losing you cupboard space. For some reason they always end up scattered about in the cupboard, which helps no one when you're in a rush to make a packed lunch! Our rattan baskets are a handy storage solution for this. Simply empty the individual packets into a basket, ready to be pulled out and sifted through like a tuck shop. So much time can be saved when everything is in the one place. 

  rattan kitchen storage basket    rattan pull out drawer basket

A fabulous example of just how good you can make open kitchen-storage look.

@by_gemmabosanko has used our Rattan Rectangular Storage Basket to organise the open shelving in her kitchen. By doing this, you can hide anything you don't want to be seen, whilst making it really easy to access too. 

Another customer of ours, @mildredmittens,  owns a beautiful free-standing kitchen cabinet. Using our Grey Rattan Deep Rectangular Basket, creating practical storage space without compromising on the visual design. 

For Small Snacks  

Smaller packet items such as dried fruit, nuts, biscuits and chocolate bars are best kept in a smaller basket for snacks only. When you're feeling a little peckish, it's much easier to find a quick snack without endlessly rummaging through the cupboards. 

seagrass shallow storage basket
Our seagrass baskets make handy pantry storage. Available in different sizes, our smaller ones are deep enough to fit your snacks inside, whilst remaining low enough to slot inside your shelves. 

shallow rectangle rattan storage basket

 We also have shallow and space-saving baskets in our rattan range.  Available in different sizes, our Rectangular Rattan Storage Baskets will slot inside narrower shelves in your cupboards, allowing you to keep your snacks all in the one place. 

With so many different options to choose from, shop our entire rattan range here

Or, if you still need some inspiration, you can shop our Pantry collection here