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Eco-Friendly Terracotta Plant Pots

A big home trend this year has focused on natural materials, with most home owners opting for a more sustainable approach to furnishing their homes.

A trend that has also translated into the landscape of our gardens, we thought we'd tell you a little bit more about how our terracotta pots are made; and hopefully give you an idea on how this trend can be implemented into your own garden, using eco-friendly materials. 

Free From Harmful Chemicals  

Eco-friendly is a quick way to describe how a product is 'not harmful to the environment'. A term we identify with how our terracotta pots are dyed to look rustic and white washed. 

 terracotta pots in moss field

Made from 100% natural clay and kilned until hard, the rustic finish to each pot is completely authentic. A natural process developed over time, the pots are placed upside down in chemical-free moss fields, allowing the surrounding water and agricultural land to remain free from pollution. 

100% Natural Dying Process

A truly remarkable process caused by the natural minerals and algae found in the water. The porous material of clay allows the water to act as a dye, making the pots green and white in areas. 

The finished product can look something like this. Full of rustic charm, it's the perfect pot for any outdoor or indoor space. If you prefer a different terracotta look or a simple glazed ceramic, you can shop all of our pots and planters here

white terracotta plant pot  

Rustic White Washed Terracotta Planter, Shop Now 

We've styled ours on a small bistro set for dining in the garden. As they're all designed with drainage holes at the bottom, you can keep them topped up with water as and when you need to.