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Using Rattan In The Garden

Some of the best garden inspiration comes from real life homes, which is why we're massive fans of garden open days! These events allow you to visit people's homes across the country, seeing how they've landscaped their gardens in the most beautiful ways.

The National Garden Scheme is a great place to search for these open days, however if you don't have the time to do this, we find that Instagram can be just as good. A virtual way of stepping into people's gardens, we thought we'd share with you ways in which our customers have decorated their gardens using our rattan planters as a design tool.

On Patio Steps and Corners

If your garden is made up of different levels, rattan planters are a great way to soften and break up any landscaping such as steps and decking.  

patio decking and rattan planters   patio steps and rattan planters  

Justine @jusathome has transformed her garden space by layering and placing our rattan planters in various places around her decking area. A mixture of materials such as wood, rattan and ceramic, have been combined beautifully to ensure a full-flowing space that leads from one area to another. 

On Your Outdoor Tables

Perfect for displaying a floral arrangement you've recently put together, and a great conversation point, many of our planters are just the right size for your outdoor dining tables and sets. 

     round rattan planter with zinc insert    rectangle rattan planter with zinc insert

Dawn @dawnalikershaw has many of our planters around her home, including our Round Rattan Zinc Lined Planter which looks fabulous on her side table outside!  It's a lovely shape and size to get creative and plant for every season. Dawn's garden also features our Rectangular Zinc Lined Rattan Planter which is a great alternative if you prefer a planter that isn't round in shape. 

At Your Front Door

If you have an open porch like this, or a path to your front door, our smaller planters are perfect for sprucing up this area without overcrowding it. 

Rattan planter front door   Rattan planter and brick porch

Using two of our Round Rattan Planters, Anna @high_street_house_ has planted an olive tree inside each one, adding an element of symmetry to her front door. A feature that's easy to put together, this rattan planter and olive tree combination is a simple way to create a big impact when walking up your front path. 

Around Your Outdoor Dining Area

Sometimes all it takes is one planter to complete a space. Our large size planters will instantly fill up any empty spaces and help create different sections in your garden, especially if you have a large patio area. 

outdoor patio area with lounge sofa and lights   rattan planter with white flowers in garden

Taken 2 years apart by @niche__x , our Round Rattan Planter really has finished off this beautiful patio area in Anishas's garden. Our large size is particularly great for the corners and edges where your patio meets the grass, blending the two together nicely, whilst enabling you to signpost different areas of your garden. 

With Hard Landscaping 

Designing your garden with materials like stone, gravel and decking, is a great way to minimize the amount of grass cutting and border pruning you need to do. Most people would think that hard landscaping your garden means there's very little room for flowers and plants to grow, but with our rattan planters, you can fill this space to your heart's content, and watch it bloom! 

 rattan planter on patio   rattan planter on patio

Stephen @sh.home.ne has completely transformed his garden over the past couple of years. Working with a garden built on a slope, this space has been cleverly landscaped into different layers, to fully enjoy the hillside views. By placing our rattan planters in areas where decking and gravel has been laid, Stephen has achieved a courtyard meets urban style garden, with all the benefits of the countryside. 

If you're feeling a little bit inspired by how our customers have used our planters, you can shop our entire rattan range and other plant pots for your garden here.

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