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Christmas Wreaths For Your Front Door

Choosing a beautifully decorated Christmas wreath for your front door starts with a good faux base. To achieve a full looking and realistic appearance, opt for a wreath that contains green foliage such as pine, spruce, or fir, to imitate the trees we so often associate the winter season with.

If you're not partial to a traditional bushy wreath, eucalyptus also makes a great base and achieves just as good of a look. It's all about keeping you wreath looking natural.

eucalyptus and pinecone wreath

Our luxury faux wreaths incorporate many natural elements such as pinecones, eucalyptus, and berries. It's these very design details that help attain a more realistic appearance once hung on your door. We want passers-by to believe your faux wreath, is in actual fact, a real one!

So let's take a look at some of our best wreaths. 

Eucalyptus and Pinecone Wreath

Full of white washed pinecones, soft pale eucalyptus and a bushy base of faux fir, this particular Christmas wreath nods to the wintry season with its subtle festive decoration. Truly timeless in design, this luxury faux wreath looks fabulous from afar. 


Pictured here on a large victorian door, this wreath really does suit all sizes. 

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This design is also available in a matching garland.
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White Berry and Pinecone Wreath

A slightly more decorated option, this eye-catching piece is the perfect show stopper for your front door. Decorated with large off-white berries and a mixture of large and small pinecones, this luxury berry wreath is new this year. 


With a mixture of three different foliage types to make up the base, this luxury wreath contains both fir, pine, and cedar. 

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Forest Pinecone Wreath

Inspired by winter walks in a woodland, this front door wreath has a traditional base of bushy pine and cedar, decorated with white tipped pinecones and willow eucalyptus. The white washed berries particularly add to the wintry feel of this wreath. 


Just the right size for your front door.

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This design is also available in a matching garland 
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Foliage and Pinecone Wintry Wreath

A slightly simpler design with less decoration and more foliage, this wintry wreath is very bushy, full of large swathes of pine and cedar. Varying pinecones are scattered within the design, with both large and small sizes on display. 

 foliage and pinecone christmas wreath


Simple in design, but just as beautiful, this luxury wreath really is a great way to fill your front door with greenery and foliage. 

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Eucalyptus and Blue Berry Wreath 

Introducing some colour into the range, this eucalyptus Christmas wreath is designed with beautiful blue winter berries and soft pale eucalyptus. 

 eucalyptus and blue berry wreath

A timeless design, traditional and contemporary. This luxury Christmas wreath looks ever so real.  

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